High Par 5 Strategy

Designed for stability and growth

Participation rates in an indexed universal life (IUL) policy matter. It’s the percentage of the index performance used to calculate the interest applied to your policy. A higher participation rate can increase growth potential when the underlying index increases. With the Goldman Sachs New Horizons Index and the High Par 5 Strategy, you can count on a guaranteed participation rate for 5 years—with the opportunity for even more growth potential along the way.

The High Par 5 Strategy is a new and innovative index strategy available on the Nationwide New Heights IUL and Goldman Sachs New Horizons index. High Par 5 provides the opportunity for consistent and stable growth.

Each new premium allocated to this strategy will receive an annual participation rate that is locked in for five years (the rate lock period). During this period, the participation rate applied is guaranteed to never be less than the locked-in rate.

During the rate lock period, if the 1-year New Horizons Indexed interest strategy participation rate is higher than the High Par 5 Strategy locked-in rate at the beginning of any 1-year segment, you are guaranteed to automatically receive the higher rate for that segment.

The High Par 5 Strategy is available for all new premium—even premium received 10, 20 or more years into the policy.

The New Horizons index provides opportunities for growth through a Global Core Strategy and an Alternative Strategy. The index features five asset classes and two alternatives that provide the flexibility to adapt to a variety of market environments and help contribute to the index’s performance.

Additional details

  • Dollar cost averaging, a service available at no charge to systematically move a portion of new premium form the fixed account into an indexed interest strategy, also qualifies for the High Par 5 strategy.
  • Any money allocated to a High Par 5 segment can be reallocated to a different indexed interest strategy in the policy at any 1-year segment maturity.
  • At the end of each five-year period, the cash value in the High Par 5 strategy will automatically reallocate to the 1-Year Goldman Sachs indexed interest strategy unless you have other maturity allocations.